Vidello Review – Best Business Video Hosting Platform?


If you are looking for an honest Vidello review to help you make a wise decision that can affect your whole business, then you are in the right place at the right time.

What is Vidello?

But before diving into the actual review, let’s have a look at why you need a video hosting service for business in the first place.

Why would you need to pay for a service when there is a myriad of sites offering free video hosting? Youtube and Dailymotion are just an example to name a few.

Short Answer: Because you do care about your business.

Long Answer:

1- How many times do you click on the Youtube logo to watch an embedded video on directly? Often… that’s me at least.

The result is a lost visitor, who will be captured by the bewitching power of related videos. If you spend money to drive that visitor then it’s even worse.

2- I don’t know about you, but when I see a video that’s part of a video course, or some marketing funnel being hosting on Youtube, I can’t help but think “These guys must be cheap. I don’t want to hang out with cheap guys”.

It’s harsh but that’s how a lot of people think.

3- If I am spending money on advertising, then I want to be able to optimize and track everything. And by everything, I do mean everything! I want to be able to add calls to action and events to my videos and then know exactly what visitors are doing and how they are interacting with the webpage but also the video.

Where are they clicking? Where are they stopping to watch and dropping? I want to be able to split-test videos without much headache and have the information neatly presented.

Youtube and similar free video hosting platforms don’t give me this flexibility!

Even most paid services like Vimeo and Wistia don’t focus on this aspect as much as Vidello does.

Conclusion: If video is part of your marketing funnel or product delivery, then you simply can’t afford to not pay for a private video hosting service like Vidello especially with the pricing structure it’s offering.

Who stands behind Vidello?

Josh Ratta is the man behind this service geared mainly towards businesses and marketers. But who is Josh Ratta and why would it matter to know him better?

Josh stands behind a series of successful marketing tools and solutions specifically designed to facilitate and enhance video marketing in general, and make it accessible to more people. One of his most popular products is Video Motion Pro.

I have indeed been a long time customer of Video Motion Pro. And in an industry where most tools have a very short lifespan before their creators stop updating and supporting them, VMP has been one of the very few exceptions. This goes to say that Josh is not the kind of marketer who goes after a quick buck but rather values customer satisfaction even for a one-time fee product.

I forgot to mention that Video Motion Pro was his first product and it was already very good. There were some bugs in the first release, but he fixed them and provided regular updates all the time.

Igloo and Vidgeos had a good feedback in the marketplace but I can’t really report anything about them as I didn’t buy them.

Anyways, look forward to my review of Vidello very soon. So check back often.

My Vidello Bonus

Honestly, I can’t tell yet whether I will offer a bonus or not. In fact, I don’t even know whether I will recommend it or not. It will all depend on my verdict. So stay tuned.



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