eCom Edge Review – Ecommerce Profits for Beginners?


This review of eCom Edge is gonna be the only one you need to read before taking a decision on whether to buy or not. Basically, I am going to lay it down the way it is and leave it up to you to decise for yourself if it’s the right path for you or not.

What is this course exactly about?

review of eCom EdgeRyan Martin has poured all his knowledge and experience of ecommerce and a unique approach into eCom Edge and designed the content into a step-by-step fashion for ease of consumption. In 2014 and 2015, he has been developing and perfecting a strategy that pulled in over $350k in pure profit all thanks to selling on Amazon. This is a unique approach to physical product ecommerce. And that’s what you’re getting access to with this course.

You might say this is just another Amazon ecommerce course. But then gain, it’s not really one. But let’s stick to the facts for now.

Here is eCom Edge in a nutshell the way I see it:

  • $380k+ in verified undeniable proof
  • A course that takes quality, detail level and value for money to a whole new dimension
  • REAL verifiable testimonials from normal guys who are crushing it RIGHT NOW using this approach.

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What’s included in the course?

Here is an overview of what you’re getting, the different modules and what you are going to learn in each one:

The modules are integrated in learning framework which consists of:

  • Live Webinars each week. Recordings will be available too of course.
  • Action checklist for each part of the process so you take action and know what you’re doing.
  • A learning experience spread over 4 weeks

Overview of the different modules:

Module #1 – Research and planning

  1. Learn how to pick a niche based on specific criteria
  2. Research candidates you could go for
  3. Choose a winning product

Module #2 – Logistics

  1. Places where you can find suppliers
  2. Learn how to get in touch with them and how to communicate for a good relationship
  3. Getting samples the right way
  4. Getting the best deals and pushing the right buttons
  5. Place your 1st order with them (not as obvious as you think)

Module #3 – Listing your product the right way

  1. All you need to know about product images (how to get them and where to deploy which ones)
  2. Research and optimize your product title (could make or break your biz)
  3. Bullet points and how to use them efficiently
  4. Crafting a description that gets the sale

Module #4: Rank & Bank

  1. Product reviews to get you started (and not banned)
  2. Learn Amazon Ads the right way (make the most out of your budget)
  3. ASO Amazon Search Optimization done right
  4. Quick sales with deal sites
  5. Advertising outside Amazon – THE INCOME MULTIPLIER

Pros and Cons

+ Newbie-friendly course that takes you from 0.
+ Weekly calls get your questions answered.
+ Experienced people can still find some gems hidden in the course.
+ Based on actual testing and not theory
+ A LOT of proof to back it up
+ Has a done-for-you option (which I highly recommend

-Doesn’t offer one-on-one coaching
Price point is too low IMHO – The issue is people won’t realize the value they are getting and pass on to the next best thing. This is where you should be right now!

My Verdict

Ecom Edge is worth at least 100x its price tag. I hope you do realize this too and put your all into this business model. Nothing will stand between you and success on Amazon. Just stick to it long enough to make it happen.

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My eCom Edge Bonus

My bonus is the best compliment to your Amazon physical products empire:

Bonus – Blueprint to become an Amazon Bestseller!


This course will teach you how to make the top of Amazon with a book/Kindle book. This way you can make money even with your passion. eCom E. teaches you the physical product route but you can start with this if you feel you need a bit of practice before going big.

Bonus – Expand your empire with the power of WP for FREE


This is a step-by-step course on how to set up your actual store with WordPress and for free. This is perfect if you want to capture customers and take them off of Amazon for the long run. This will mean less distraction for your customers and more related sales for you.

You will learn also how to drive more sales with methods you will not learn in Ryan Martin’s course.

How to claim your bonus

Step1 – Purchase eCom Edge through THIS LINKS

Step2 – Your bonus will be automatically delivered to your purchase email (this is coordinated with JVzoo’s technology)



Here is an interview led by Ryan Martin in case you wanted to know more about the author of eCom Edge:


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