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Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth are hands down some of the internet marketers/mentors I respect the most. Their latest creation is this “little” piece of software they call Blackbird Suite.

I say I respect them because they are not full of BS like 99% of so-called Gurus. They are down to earth and sell what works for them right now… simply because the market is HUUGE.

And it doesn’t fall out of the line of well-coded, extensively-tested software they released in the past.

>> Click Here to Learn More About Blackbird Suite <<

This is not meant to be an extensive Blackbird Suite review but something to come across really clearly:

If you sell or intend on selling on Amazon, then you MUST get this. It’s simply rediculous value at the price point.

I have seen tools that do a lot less and that should even be commercially sold because of the bad coding standards, I have seen them being sold for 1k+. Needless to say that’s one of the reasons refund rates of upwords of 20% are pretty common in this industry.

Anyways, I could go on an on about what Blackbird does… instead just click here and watch the 15mins video. You will get all you need to make the right decision.

WARNING: My Blackbird Suite Bonus

So, here is the deal: I offer bonuses only for products I genuinely believe work and will make a difference to your bottomline. And I don’t offer shitty PLR boiler plate bonus packages. So, if you are looking for a load of ebook/video covers that will blow your mind away… you will be disappointed.

I respect your intelligence too much to insult it will those useless bonuses supposedly worth $18,873,038.

I am going to be straight forward: If you buy through this link I will get around $100 in commission. I charge up to $200/h for consulting. You get 1h of Skype consultation as a bonus. I will have a look at your biz and show you where you can grow and how to go about it. If you are starting from scratch, I will point you in the right direction. If you need an SEO formula that works, I can hand it to you. That’s it. I like it fair.

Click Here to Check Out Blackbird Suite

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