Attention: Profit Academy 2.0 will be Publish Academy!


Profit Academy was hugely profitable both for Anik Singal the creator but also for a lot of his students. Yet, it was still the 1.0 launch and you learn a LOT when you launch a product for the first time. Very few IM gurus are receptive enough to listen to customer feedback and make changes accordingly but Anik is not one of those people.

Infact, he was so receptive that the product was revamped totally from A to Z.

You expect students to struggle with a section of the training but find out they are struggling with another part.

Students ask for more tutorials about more areas that what they actually need but could grow through this additional training so you add it.

You don’t like the structure of a section or learning experience, so you make changes…etc.

A lot of this has happened with PA 1.0 and the second edition was to be launched under the name Profit Academy 2.0 but the way things developed pushed Anik to change even the name to make it more descriptive of the content inside… Because that’s what Publish Academy is: A complete training on how to start your own online publishing empire.

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