The 100 Day Challenge Program Review



Every one of us has his own dream, that’s for sure? But, Success in life is our common ultimate goal that many have spent their life pursuing success but never reach it. Well, everything should go according to a plan, a well designed plan. So, having a plan for your life is the key success.

Speaking of plans, having a plan for your life is not that simple. There are experts who dedicated their life to develop the best plan that can guarantee you great success. Among those experts, the famous Gary Ryan Blair is the creator of the 100 Day Challenge program. In this review, we’re going to see what this program has to offer.

Program creator

The 100 Day Challenge program is created by Gary Ryan Blair, an American visionary conceptual thinker, and one of the most famous strategic thinkers around the world. Gary is a Syracuse University graduate.

Currently, He is the manager of The GoalsGuy, a great training organization. He is also the author of Everything Counts. Gary Ryan Blair has collaborated with a number of world celebrities, Olympians, athletes, and regular people. Many of them declared that Gary helped them a lot.

In addition to the 100 Day Challenge program, He is also the creator of many other programs like The Personal Strategic Plan program. This program is designed to help people find right way to achieve their goals through precise strategies and methods.

Program overview

The 100 Day Challenge program is an extreme performance acceleration program developed by Gary Ryan Blair for the purpose of reducing the gap between objectives and results. Gary Ryan Blair says that his program is for serious people wishing to make change in their life during 100 days, through a number of strategies to drive accountability in their business and personal life.

The 100 Day Challenge program is intended for individuals wishing to achieve their goals. The program is also intended for businesses who want to motivate their employees and make them more productive to achieve the company’s ultimate goal.

The 100 Day Challenge program touches the following areas:

  • Fitness and weight loss
  • Career
  • Financial goals
  • Social and community

The 100 Day Challenge program is delivered in text, audio video, and phone app formats.
This program comes in:

  • Training videos
  • Audio lessons
  • Step by step orientation
  • Goal setting tutorial
  • Action plans, ebooks and guides
  • Crash Course in Goal Setting
  • Quantum Leap Strategies
  • Motivational Movies
  • Private Membership Page
  • After Action Review
  • Community Forum
  • Integrity Pledge
  • Accountability Clock
  • Accountability Coach


Customers’ testimonials:

  • Brian Tracy said that the 100 Day Challenge is a serious program, for serious people, who want serious results.
  • Fred Deluca said that the program’s ability to spotlight the big differences made by small actions is exactly what we needed to hear.
  • Ken Blanchard said that this goal setting and life planning program is a vital tool to help you turn your dreams into reality.

Program upsides

  • It is easy to follow
  • It is not expensive
  • It offers a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • It helps you to achieve higher levels of productivity
  • It helps you to maintain high energy
  • It helps you to learn accountability, discipline and focus
  • It helps you to get rid of time draining activities
  • It teaches you leadership, excellence, team building, higher morale, mental toughness, health and well being, etc…

Program Downsides

  • This program is not sold in bookstores.
  • It is available online only.
  • 100 days is a lot of time.


Gray Ryan Blair thinks that life must go according to a well conceived plan. The 100 Day Challenge program is inspired by this philosophy that made him among of the world’s best visionary conceptual thinkers.



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