Attention: Profit Academy 2.0 will be Publish Academy!

Profit Academy was hugely profitable both for Anik Singal the creator but also for a lot of his students. Yet, it was still the 1.0 launch and you learn a LOT when you launch a product for the first time. Very few IM gurus are receptive enough to listen to customer feedback and make changes […]

Who is Anik Singal, The Mastermind Behind Profit Academy?

Profit Academy creator

Anik Singal is the creator of Profit academy. And that’s why we want to understand based on his careers and results if he is entitled to teach people how to build a digital empire and profit from it or not. Anik is a top player in the marketing realm of the internet industry. He has […]

Profit Academy by Anik Singal is in the Making

Welcome to Profit Academy dot org. This site is dedicated to Anik Singal’s high end product in the making. I am going to investigate through my own venue what’s exactly included in the product, how it’s gonna be delivered and most importantly who this is for. If you have been into this internet marketing thing […]